QuickBooks Credit Card Processing – An Overview

Intuit’s QuickBooks is a popular decision for business accounting, however on the off chance that you accept Visas through Intuit merchant services, you’re well aware that it accompanies significant expenses. What you may not know is how to Manage QuickBooks Merchant Service Centre. 

It’s the best of the two universes: the accommodation of QuickBooks and all the more seriously estimated Visa processing. There are many processors that offer integration with or data trade for QuickBooks, eliminating manual transaction entry. However, various processors use diverse integration methods and some may not work with your rendition of QuickBooks.In this guide, we’ll explain the various alternatives for QuickBooks integration and tell you the best way to find the correct choice for your business.

Types of QuickBooks Solutions 

Initially, it’s important to understand the distinctive QuickBooks arrangements. Intuit offers three distinct QuickBooks services: accounting software, payment processing, and point-of-sale software. These three services can be utilized together or individually. 

QuickBooks Accounting Software 

QuickBooks accounting software is what most businesses are referring to when they talk about QuickBooks. The popular software includes features to manage accounts payable, track sales and costs, create invoices, create tax reports, and more. QuickBooks Online also falls into this category. 

Many businesses use QuickBooks accounting software independent of any other QuickBooks services. 


QuickBooks Payments is the payment processing branch of Intuit QuickBooks. You can utilize it to accept payments online, with a cell phone, or by sending an electronic invoice. 

Payments allows acceptance of : 

  • Additionally, you can accept ACH bank transfers. On the off chance that you use QuickBooks Payments and QuickBooks accounting software, your transactions automatically sync. 
  • You don’t have to utilize QuickBooks Payments in request to utilize QuickBooks accounting software, nor to record your Visa transaction data in QuickBooks. In fact, the purpose of this guide is to tell you the best way to utilize an external processor with QuickBooks so you can avoid the high transaction costs that Intuit is known for while not giving up your accounting software.

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QuickBooks Point of Sale Software 

Point of Sale is Intuit’s software answer for accepting Mastercard payments when the customer is available with their card, such as in retail stores or restaurants. QuickBooks Point of Sale software can be utilized on a point-of-sale system powered by Revel or with compatible desktop PCs. 

QuickBooks Point of Sale technically doesn’t need using QuickBooks Payments, yet it just straightforwardly integrates with Payments. This means that on the off chance that you decide to utilize QuickBooks Point of Sale software with an alternate payment processor, you will have to manually enter transaction information. It’s not advisable to utilize QuickBooks Point of Sale without also using a QuickBooks Payments merchant account for card processing, and it may not be necessary to reap the advantages of the software. 

At the point when you use QuickBooks Point of Sale and QuickBooks Payments, your data automatically adjusts with QuickBooks accounting software. 

Some processors state they’re able to integrate with QuickBooks Point of Sale. Such arrangements are not Intuit-approved and are not guaranteed to work. In the FAQ segment of their website, the company unequivocally states that “QuickBooks Payments is the main service that allows you to authorize Visa transactions straightforwardly from the actual sales record in the software.” 

However, it’s not necessary to utilize QuickBooks Point of Sale to accept Visas and to record those transactions in QuickBooks accounting software. 

So, QuickBooks accounting software doesn’t expect you to utilize QuickBooks Payments or QuickBooks Point of Sale. In fact, many businesses use QuickBooks as their accounting software yet pick an alternate payment processor and point of sale system.

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