New Car Vs Used Car: Which One Should You Buy

The debate of buying a used car vs a new one is seemingly never-ending. But, when you count on the merits, you can easily make your mind.

Buying a vehicle comes with a fair share of challenges. When you talk about a variety of features, paperwork, documentation, and whatnot, the scene becomes seemingly difficult for you to just select the right option and drive away.

So, if you are looking to buy a new car, but do not know whether you should buy a used one or a brand new vehicle, then follow along. Not only because we are going to look at some of the essential elements of both sides of the bargain, but also why you should choose one over the other.

Perks Of Buying A New Car

One of the many perks of buying a new car is exactly that: it is a new car! But, besides all that, it is important to understand a few key points, such as:

· New Features

If you are buying a car in 2021, then you will find many features that you had no idea existed back in 2010. That is, because, they didn’t. Many modern cars are equipped with features that seemed impossible a few years ago.

·  Unused & Untouched

Out of all the benefits of buying a new car, this one is perhaps the most talked of. Not only is a new car untouched and unused beside the test drive, but it also has no prior record of being on the road.

· Part Warranty

Besides the major parts warranty, many new cars give you the joy of having a warranty of smaller parts as well.

Perks Of Buying A Used Car

Now that we know the benefits of a new car, let us talk about the benefits of a used one as well.

· Vast Options

When you talk about used cars sale online in Kenya, you have a vast majority at your disposal. For instance, you are not only limited to buying something from the past year or so. You can go to any year in the past decade or so and select the model that you love.

·   Lower Prices

As mentioned above, your options are limitless but the price you will have to pay isn’t. This is why many people choose to buy used cars from recent years, as they tend to cost less and provide almost identical benefits.

· Better Reliability In Many Cases

As the old proverb goes that old is gold, such is the case in many vehicles. Older cars tend to be more reliable compared to their new counterparts.

Disadvantages Of A New Car

Now, it is time to talk about the drawbacks. So, let us see some of the disadvantages of a new car first.

·  Untested

Most of the new cars are untested by professionals. So, they may or may not have problems unheard of before.

·  Expensive

Many new cars are expensive and do not fit into the budget of an average pay grade.

·  Might Have Underlying Problems

As mentioned above, untested cars might mean underlying problems.

Disadvantages Of A Used Car

So, what are the drawbacks of a used one?

· Used & Repaired

A used car tends to be repaired and retouched over time if it’s older than 5 years.

· Repairs Might Cost A Lot

Additional repairs might empty your pocket, granted that they are no major flaws.

· Lesser Resale Value

When you wish to resell it, the value would be lesser than how much you spent on it.


There you have it, folks. All you need to know about used vs new cars. Now, it is up to you which way you wish to go.