7 tips against boredom in the lockdown: This is how you can pass the time

Every new lockdown is also an inkdown: no tattoo appointments, no machine hum, no color under the skin. Appointments for which customers have been waiting for months are cancelled and cannot be made up for indefinitely. The current corona restrictions hit the tattoo industry hard and annoy customers, tattooists and everyone who works in the industry. If your next tattoo appointment is cancelled and you need some distraction, try our Inkdown Tips:

  1. collect new ideas for tattoos

Pinterest, Instagram and the websites of tattoo studios are collection points for good ideas. If you don’t know what to do with yourself in the lockdown, you can discover countless new styles and trends on the Internet and get inspired. Research is easy if you know where to start:

Search guide for great tattoo ideas

  • Start with a general hashtag or search term on Google:#geometricaltattoo #horrortattoo or #dotworktattoo – start with a keyword that roughly describes your tattoo preferences.
  • Swipe through the tattoo images that appear for this search term. Is there a motif that attracts your attention? Find out who posted it and which hashtags the author uses.
  • For cool styles, look for information about the artist or studio. Most custom tattoo creator specialize in certain themes and techniques. So it’s likely that the artist behind the Tattoo masterpiece of your choice has more to offer.
  1. care for your skin

The basic requirement for beautiful tattoos is healthy skin. Let your Pieces shine in new splendour and treat your skin in the lockdown with a soothing care program. Our TattooMed Daily Care Cream not only protects and cares for tattooed skin areas, but can be applied to the entire body. Our TattooMed Sun Protection products and the TattooMed After Sun Lotion can also be applied to tattoo-free skin areas and protect against UV radiation and cell dehydration. To permanently improve your skin’s appearance and slow down the skin aging process, you should moisturize it daily and always use UV-blockers.

  1. keep fit and do sports

Large area tattoos are often adapted to the body shape of their wearer and emphasize the muscle groups. If you want your Chestpiece to shine in best shape in summer, then now is exactly the right time to start building up your muscles. Because in the lockdown all gyms remain closed, you have to think of something to keep your body fit. With these simple exercises you can easily train your muscles even without weights:

Fitness exercises for the lockdown winter

  • Push-ups:The classic for training arms and chest.
  • Squats:Daily knee bends get the thighs in shape.
  • Donkeykicks:Not just for girls, an effective way to get your butt in shape.
  • With daily joggingyou strengthen your immune system and get rid of superfluous fat pads more easily.
  1. you can never do enough sports!

If you normally go to the gym weekly or even daily, dead weight exercises are probably not enough to train your muscles sufficiently. If you don’t have your own weights at home (or if they are sold out at the sports shop), you can do the above mentioned exercises with improvised weights. Use water bottles when squatting, use resistance bands or leave your dog on his back when doing push-ups. You can also do home sports together with your partner.

  1. become an artist yourself

Just try to design your next tattoo motif yourself: On Youtube you can find hundreds of tutorials for prospective artists and tattoo artists. Even the professionals use the free time to perfect their style or find new inspirations. Of course you don’t have to be a professional artist to create a tattoo design. Tattoo artists can create impressive works of art for the skin from small amateur drawings.

  1. learn something new in our TattooMed Academy

In our TattooMed Academy we offer certified seminars for tattoo fans, artists and studios for further education. Video seminars on tattoo hygiene in corona times and on optimal wound care after tattooing are available free of charge for everyone.

  1. Try something new!

During the Inkdown, frequent meetings with friends, party nights and visits to the gym are unfortunately not possible. You can use the free time to concentrate on yourself and your own interests. Read a book, get out your old game console or practice with your favorite instrument. A little tip: Try to use your smartphone as little as possible. Nothing eats up more time than aimlessly scrolling through news, social media or messengers.