What Makes Hair Extension Boxes So Special?

All beauty products are a symbol of elegance and beauty — and to further glamorize them, you need to have black hair extension boxes. 

You might be wondering why they are so important, and are they significant for your cosmetics? Here in this post, we will go through several facts and figures to realize the importance of hair extension storage boxes regarding your sales and other aspects. 

Let You Stay On Top

Boxes play several roles in any retail product. Since we are talking about cosmetics specifically, some additional aspects are related to them. A unique packaging designed for your hair extensions only can help you stay on top of the food chain. 

You being in the cosmetic business, know very well how harsh is the competition out there. You would also know that people can get bored very quickly. So, to keep their excitement and engagement regulating, you need to come up with new and stunning boxes. 

These hair extension storage boxes do what they are best at. They are capable of acquiring endless design possibilities that are only limited to your imagination.

Hair extension boxes wholesale

Designed By Experts  

Professionals design these hair extension boxes to fulfil all the characteristics that cosmetics require. Despite being sturdy and tough, they are perfect for keeping all cosmetics and hair extensions safe and intact, which is the top priority of any manufacturer and consumer. 

It is wise to use boxes that are suitable to store hair extensions and other cosmetic products. Packaging companies in the UK provide hair extension boxes wholesale to fulfil the increasing demand for cosmetics. 

Plastic Trays 

Custom hair packaging comes up with pre-installed plastic trays (based on the requirement of the client). These small trays help manufacturers to place all different types of makeups and cosmetic in separate compartments. Such little add-ons and additional features hair extension boxes special and unique. 

These are the features related to the protection of the product. Now we will go through some aspects that could help you in your sale and marketing strategies. 

Increase the gross value 

Regardless of how premium hair extensions you provide, if your product is not a proper packaging, no one will pay a decent amount for it. Just think from the perspective of a buyer. You are walking down the superstore aisle, looking for a pair of candles. 

Now there are hundreds of options there, but you won’t even look at unpacked striped candles. Why? Well, first, it will be perceived as a used or second-grade product.

It isn’t your fault to perceive that way; our extinct has been evolved to perceive retail products with time. If anything comes within excellent packaging, we will buy it for more than its competitor’s price without knowing the actual item. 

Since you are considering getting custom packages for your cosmetics, you don’t spend a lot on them. A hair extension packaging box can work fine to give all the features mentioned above. 


Personalisation is essential for any box. Packaging companies offer a wide range of customisation to their clients. Through, they can add it set their box apart from others in their competition. 

Here are some of the most demanded customisation tools that people add to their hair extension boxes. 

  • Pull out boxes(for clip-on).
  • Lid boxes.
  • Long flap extension boxes.
  • Boxes with the see-through display.
  • Reusable hair extension boxes. 
  • Foldable hair extension boxes.

They also have various printing techniques, for example, laser printing, lithographic printing, and digital printing. The printing on your box will tell how dedicated you are to your product. 


Wholesale boxes involve buying in bulk, direct from the manufacturer, instead of going through the middle person. The latter will result in you earring a markup fee by the third party, whereas the former will have the boxes prices at the manufacturer’s rates. 

To cover this, the producers will often require that you buy the good in the tens of thousands. But if you average each box’s cost, you will see saving for up to 50% than if you had bought from a third party. 

You can recoup the cost by providing your markup. You may have heard of wholesalers who have marked an increase in profits practically immediately after they start. 

This is possible if you do a considerable amount of research to adjust your prices to the industry’s influx. So, buying custom hair extension boxes wholesale will save you a ton of money. 

Get your hair extensions the best packaging available in the market and amaze your clients with add on features that others aren’t able to provide. 

With this, you will be able to build a reputation in the market. Your brand will be known to provide the best product with the best packaging at the best rates by buying hair extension boxes wholesale.

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