Top 5 NEW Instagram Updates for 2021

Instagram is changing itself continuously. And it happens because of many business recommendations. Although businesses are not asking directly for any changes. But Instagram itself understand the need of many businesses. And this is the reason Instagram is releasing some needs of its users and then make some changes. But the best part you should keep in your mind that Instagram makes changes on its platform just for the sake of your ease. So that you can enjoy it most. This is the purpose of social media platform to provide you comfort and ease. Once you find any social media much easy and entertaining then you would definitely like to spend more time on that platform. In this article, we will discuss what are some latest updates of Instagram. And how that could be useful for your business. 

Talk with more than one person in Instagram video chat

Everyone is aware of the pandemic now. And one of the most powerful impacts of this pandemic is you can meet your friends. And that is why Instagram understood the need of its users and create this fantastic feature in their app. With Instagram videos chat, you can add at least 3 friends at a time. Although this function was available on Whatsapp already. So now if you want to add more friends to your Instagram chat with a filter then you can use the feature. 

Dashboard Facility for professionals:

Although, this feature of Instagram has been helping many users for a long time. But now they updated it with many new options. In this Instagram feature, it gives a dashboard in which you can track all the activity of your Instagram post. This is the best way to buy Instagram followers Brazil’ performance. This option could be very helpful for you. Because once you are able to track your performance of your post you can adjust the timing or many other effects according to your post. And still, Instagram is improving this section for the business and many Instagram influencers. 

Instagram reels:

After the Tiktok was banned in India this feature of Instagram take the popularity to next level. Every ex TikTok is providing the content in Instagram reels now. You might think that Instagram reels can not help you to increase your business. But this is a wrong perception, you can do a solid brand awareness of your business with the help of Instagram reels.  So try it if you are using it right now and we are pretty much sure that you would get better results.


These were some latest updates of Instagram. Although their many updates happened in the previous year these were very special. It affects many Instagram users. Sometimes managing the social media accounts for a business could be a little bit difficult. So in that situation, our digital marketing agency in Delhi can help you. We can manage your social media accounts properly so that you can generate high revenue for your business.

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