Seven Ways To Decorate Bedroom Of Your Parents

When a person first gets back home after a tiring day, they get back to the warmth of their cozy bedroom. Therefore the most frequently used adjectives for bedrooms are warmth, serenity, peace, and comfort. When you are decorating the bedroom, you may choose to add some cozy, bright retro tone to it, or you may simply add the elegant softness of the subtle colors that can create an urban look. Here are some tips for you to plan to decorate bedroom for your parents to plan a perfect surprise for them.

Choice of wallpaper:

When you choose the color of wallpaper for your parents’ bedroom, you may match it with the rest of the house. If you don’t mind ignoring the rest of the house and giving the bedroom an independent look, you can choose autumn shade-rich colors, like brown, yellow ochre, etc. Earthy tones would also add softness and a sense of comfort. Otherwise, light shades of colors like pink, blue, green are great choices. If you are willing to maintain the rest of the house’s color scheme, you can choose a light shade of those colors. There are patterned wallpapers available that can look classy and soft as well. Floral patterns, abstract patterns with light shaded colors goes well with most other light color tones. You can keep a wall pattern while the rest of the room can be colored in a light shade. You can also create a combination of light and dark shades of earth colors while coloring the bedroom. Monochromatic color is also suitable for coloring your bedroom.

Buying the Bed:

If you are decorating a bedroom after the wallpapers or wall color, choosing the room’s bed is another crucial work. You can choose ebony or other stylish wooden beds for the room. If you want a retro-style, you can buy a wooden bed. Consider the size and space of the room while buying the bed. You can also buy a rot iron bed or bed with a metal headboard for the room.

Add the furniture:

When it comes to decorating the bedroom, there is not much need for furniture, and you can put two bedside tables to add symmetry to the room. You can also add a bedroom wardrobe which is small in size but convenient to hold useful things. To make it stylish, you can keep small flower pots and succulent decorative pieces that bring a tinge of greenery to your room. As the cherry on the top, you can buy some Stylish racks, wall hangings. There are different styles of wall-mounted racks available with various geometric designs and shapes. These racks can be mere decorative pieces, or you can also out keep your things in there. Besides the wall-mounted racks, you can also put side racks and other storage spaces if necessary. They can be used for putting in pillows, blankets, etc. If you are going for a specific theme like retro or urban, you can also choose furniture accordingly.

Blankets, rugs, and curtains:

When you are decorating a room, it’s incomplete without well-chosen curtains, rugs, bedsheets, blankets, etc. You may choose a contrasting color for the curtains and rugs. For example, if you have a yellow color scheme for your room, you may pick curtains, blankets, bedsheets, etc. If you are looking to maintain the schematic symmetry, you may go for different color shades of the same color. However, this may create a monotony. In that case, you may pour some color into it to break the monotony. For that, you can buy a colorful handmade rug, or you can also compensate it with colorful decorative pieces. If your wallpapers are soft and light pastel colors, you can choose multi-color rags and printed curtains to brighten up the room’s look. Many people also prefer to use see-through curtains to let the light come in, and in that case, you can prefer a light shade color in contrast to your room color.

Put the time in place:

Selecting a timepiece or a clock may sound easy, but if you are willing to use it as a decorative piece rather than treating it only as a mere time teller, then it’s the time to step up the game. The clocks can set the style, theme and affect the whole room’s color palette just by its presence. Therefore, you must decide the style and color of the clock before buying it. If you are going with the retro style, then dark-colored wooden wall clocks can be a good choice. You can also pick a pendulum clock. The wooden clocks are gaining much popularity with time because of their matte finish and decent look. If you are more interested in contrasting colors and you can also apply the same for the clock. You can also choose a neutral black color and a circular design, which will not influence the room’s theme.

It’s time to bring the color:

The plain blank walls may look incomplete, and for that, you use beautiful paintings. Paintings give the room an elegant look, and it speaks about the taste of the owner. The paintings have both aesthetic and monetary value. If you are going for the retro theme, you can choose Madhubani paintings and other mandala arts. Otherwise, you can also pick wildlife paintings and abstract patterns. The best choice for paintings can be village life paintings. They can give the warmth of the colors and at the same time give a glimpse of liveliness and beauty.

Dreaming about the dreamcatcher:

Finally, your room is almost all set to surprise your parents. But, let’s pack the surprise with more sweetness and care. Those racks that you have already bought need some pretty decorative pieces. You can pick tiny, cute porcelain dolls, figurines, and other decorative pieces as per your test. You can buy a colorful dreamcatcher for the room as a wall-hanging, which can brighten the room’s mood. If you have bought photo frames instead of racks, you can pick family photos to put in them.

The peaceful abode is now all set to feel like a warm hug. But still, there is a chance to add your magic to that hug. You can add your personal touch while decorating the room.

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