Top 6 PHP Development Frameworks That Speed Up Development

In order to create websites and applications, a programming language that is mostly in use for a long time is PHP. It is basically a secure and stable language. From the time of its release, an evolution has been seen in it.

With the passage of time a massive increase in the websites’ complexity has occurred and so for developing these a lot of lines of code were required which can range from 100 to 1000. These took so much time and effort of the developers.

Usually when creating websites, the developers initially take the help of scratch. In this situation the PHP frameworks can help the developers a lot. These provide a coding to the developers that is reusable and well organized. You can efficiently complete your project by using a PHP framework and for this you need not to be an expert developer.

Now I am going to describe the top 6 PHP development frameworks that speed up development.

1.Zikula – It is an absolutely free and open-source platform. Whether you want to complete small projects or big projects, this platform will suit you. You can integrate it on Bootstrap 3 and Awesome 4. We can call it a very good PHP framework because it provides document creator galleries, ModuleStudio and a flexible theme system. Do you want your next PHP framework to be Zikula? Have a look at its features:

·       Centralized Maintenance

·       Provides Extensibility, Continuity and Stability

·       This Development Tool is Model-Driven

·       It has an Elegant Theme System

·       Provides an Increased Development Productivity

2.Yii – You can easily install this PHP framework as it is lightweight. It is possible to extend this framework with great ease. A very good testing framework is CodeCeption and you can integrate it with PHP in this framework. Testing and web application development at a faster rate is possible with this back-end framework. For one request it takes 1.4 MB. So, we can say that Yii framework has a very good memory usage. This framework makes it possible to develop e-commerce projects, RESTful Web services, CMS, portals and forums. Are you interested in selecting the Yii framework? Look at its features:

·       High Performance

·       RESTful API Development Support

·       Provides Great Security Features

·       Uses Less Memory

·       Offers Lightweight Code

3.CAKE PHP – It is a very good PHP framework and using it is very easy. This framework has a popular aspect that it is PHP CRUD (‘create, read, update and delete’). Validation, Security, E-mail, Request Handling, Cookie and Session are the exciting features of CAKEPHP. You can easily install the CAKEPHP. A copy of the framework and web server are needed for using this framework. Coders can do hassle-free coding with the help of coding conventions of this framework. It is possible to decrease the time-to-market with faster development through CAKEPHP. Various features of this framework are:

·       It Provides Easy Learning Facility Because of Documentation

·       It is Cost Saver

·       Provides Better Security

·       Easy Database Administration

·       Superior Compatibility

·       For Faster Coding It Provides Coding Conventions

·       It is an Open-Source Platform

4.Phalcon – This framework is written in Zephir and C and it is basically a PHP’s C extension. It has low-level architecture and because of this the framework makes it possible to execute the web components at a faster rate. Phalcon enables the development of customized web applications making it a very good PHP framework. On comparing it with other frameworks we find that it consumes less memory. Several features of this framework:

  • Flash Messages
  • Forms Builder
  • Innovative Architecture
  • Template Engine
  • Views & Frontend
  • Fast Execution

5. Laravel – It is possible to create rich web apps by using this framework. The core businesses use this framework and it is most popular. This PHP framework is basically open source. There is a high demand for this framework because understanding it is very easy and it is a modern framework. Lightweight templating and native PHP are included in this framework. For developing web applications, this framework offers a foundation and a solid base. There are various features of this framework:

  •  Vast Developer Community

  • Low Server Overhead

  • Robust Tool Integration

  • Top-Notch Security

  • Seamless Data Migration

  • Add-ons & Built-in Functions

6.SYMFONY – A very good PHP framework that is most scalable is Symfony. It is possible to create web applications at a faster rate by using this web development framework. Symfony offers very easy website maintenance. This framework is among the top PHP frameworks because it offers Form config, Validator, Translation, Templating and several other advantages. If we compare it with Laravel then we find that there are a number of features that are common in both the frameworks. The various features of Symfony are:

  • Proven reliability
  • High Flexibility
  • Better Security
  • Easier Maintainability
  • Long-term Support
  • Faster Development

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