Almost 50% of SEO Specialists and Experts Feel Their Job is Not Secure

In a recent survey titled ‘State of SEO’ conducted by Digital Marketing specialistGaurav Heera, 45% of the respondents have claimed that they don’t feel their job is secure.

45% is a lot. This really means that almost half of the SEO specialists in the world are not feeling particularly safe in their job. Although the survey was conducted amongst 496 SEO specialists working in the industry, the results can as easily be extrapolated to many thousands of SEO specialists around the globe.

Why is this happening?

Gaurav Heera Explaining, Why are SEO Specialists Feeling Insecure About their Job?

The question seems to puzzling marketing execs who have come across the surveys.

However, if you are an SEO specialist, this might not be so shocking.

Competition in SEO has grown in the past five years. Marketing heads have grown more demanding of their SEOs to deliver traffic from search engines.

In the early days, digital marketing was still an unknown quantity, especially for top marketing execs that had always depended on traditional marketing to deliver the goods. SEOs were only an additional resource says Gaurav Heera.

The scene has changed now. Marketing heads now know the potential of getting higher organic traffic to a website. This rise in expectations has meant that SEOs who are not able to deliver results are put under the chopping block.

What is the Solution?

If you are an SEO specialist, the solution is not simple. First, you have to become smart enough to outthink the competition and hardworking enough to outwork them. Only better SEO outcomes will help you secure your position even more and reduce insecurity says Gaurav Heera.

Second, learn another skill to complement your knowledge of SEO. Many SEO specialists today are those who never learned any other part of digital marketing and have depended on their SEO prowess to build their careers. SEOs should expand their portfolio of skills. Becoming skilled in a field like data analysis, automation, or copywriting can help stabilize their career and open up options.

Other Findings of the Survey By Gaurav Heera

The good news from the survey is that 69% reported being satisfied with their jobs. This again brings to the fore one of the key reasons marketing heads have so many expectations from SEOs now. A healthy job satisfaction signifies that professionals working in the industry like the work they do, which is likely a consequence of the fact they are good at their jobs.

According to Gaurav Heera 53% SEO experts have defined their job as being creative and 44% believe their trade is engaging.

60% of SEO specialists have trouble explaining their use of SEO, which is interesting as it can mean two things – either people do not grasp SEO quickly or SEOs are often going by their gut when using SEO.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, we discussed a survey of 500 SEO specialists and experts and their view of the industry.

About the Author –Gaurav Heera is a professional blogger who often writes content based on career-related issues and choices. His guest posts for DelhiCourses, a top institute for a digital marketing course in Delhi, are well-known and read widely.

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