How many guests do I need to have a successful party?

A minimum of 6 guests will be required to host a party. A maximum number of guests is completely optional, as with large numbers we can actually have 2 of our consultants attend the party to ensure that everything is run successfully.


When can I have my party and how long will the party take?

We would like to extend to you party bookings at the earliest possible time if one of our consultants is able to assist you. A party can take various times to complete, once again depending on your party requirements, i.e. an office party could obviously be conducted in 45 minutes if you were to conduct this in your lunch break. A hen’s night, could take anywhere between an 1.5 – 3 hours. It depends on your needs. The average party will be 1.5 – 2 hours.


My role in the party as a host is?

Our consultants will gladly walk you through your role. Some of the basics are sending out the invitations, organising the venue, some follow up phone calls to ensure your guests are all onboard and the obvious refreshments. Once the party has begun it will be rather easy to encourage to participate in the many games that will be played and ensure that you have plenty of tissues and toilet paper!


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Who could I invite?

A great way to begin is friends, family, work colleagues, neighbours and basically anyone you can think of that would love a social shopping experience. We do not encourage men to attend these parties as it is a very intimate experience for women only. However we do provide parties for couples, which is a very unique experience. Once again we have a minimum of 2 consultants attend these couples’ bookings and obviously husbands and wives, boyfriends, girlfriends and gay couples are most welcome (single persons are not permitted to attend couples parties. They must bring their partner).


What would be the best way to invite people?

We can provide you with Blue Lotus Parties invitations to mail out to your friends. We will also provide you with an email invitation to pass onto your friends. Phone calls are a great method and also word-of-mouth at social gatherings.


What type of refreshments could I include?

Nobody knows your guests better than you do and it is your party so basically try to cater for everyone’s needs but be realistic with your budget and energy expended in setting everything up. After all you need to be comfortable and enjoy the party also. Snacks and liquid refreshments are ample. Some hosts provide all of the refreshments whilst at other parties guests will bring along some refreshments too.


How am I rewarded with gifts?

Rewards come in different ways. You can gain rewards for hosting the party. You can gain rewards for the total amount spent in an evening. The more that is spent the more the rewards can increase.


Gifts for my guests

Guests receive prizes for winning games.


Gifts for me

Hostess also receives a BONUS gift of 25% Discount from any item under $100 if the TOTAL party sales exceed $500.
Hostess also receives a BONUS gift of 50% Discount from any item under $100 if the TOTAL party sales exceed $800.
Hostess also receives a BONUS gift of 50% Discount from any item under $200 if the TOTAL party sales exceed $1500.
Hostess also receives a BONUS gift of 50% Discount from any item under $300 if the TOTAL party sales exceed $2500.
New hostesses booking parties on the night will receive a $50 gift voucher to use at their party only.


How can I ensure my party is fun and entertaining?

We strongly suggest that you communicate with your BLP consultant as they experienced with fun and entertaining parties. Always feel free to make suggestions to your consultant, as all of us have unique ideas and we are more than happy to try anything new.


Some of my friends can’t make it and they would like to place orders or book a party?

Please have your friends leave their order details and a deposit with you, and also their contact details, so that our consultants are able to contact them to guarantee their party booking. We would also like to remind you that at any stage should you or your friends jump online to order a product from the Blue Lotus Parties website, then we will gladly process these requirements as soon as possible.


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